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Marlborough needs experienced leadership to steer it into the future. We must take a 21st century approach to our infrastructure, educational system, public safety, and all of the issues facing our city.

- Christian Dumais

Housing & Development

Marlborough is a growing city. Housing is needed to help meet state and local demand, bring down market rent/home cost, and add additional tax revenue. However, as a city, we must be cautious we do not grow too big or too quickly. Moderate growth which adds to the tax base, incorporates affordable housing units, and does not strain city services and infrastructure is the approach I will take as Mayor. My administration will first prioritize senior housing opportunities through acquisition of existing structures such as IC School. We will also work on incentivizing accessory dwellings ("in-law" apartments) which will help increase the housing stock while keeping seniors in their home. 

As Mayor, my administration will perform a comprehensive review of all the current zoning ordinances on the books within my first year in office. I will work side by side with the City Council on updating our zoning ordinances where affordable housing is prioritized, the development process is streamlined, and zoning requirements reflect the needs of a growing 21st century city. 

The "Rowe Project" downtown is a great example of the type of project that is not in concert with what the city needs. The parking requirements under the zoning code must be fixed to require adequate parking for future residents. Anything less than that is unacceptable, and it is why we need to revisit our zoning code and vision for development in Marlborough.

Constituent Services & Outreach Programs

One of the top priorities in my office will be constituent services and outreach. I believe the best way to serve you, as Mayor, is by being on the ground and listening to your ideas and concerns. I will make sure my constituent services and outreach programs are reflective of the 21st century. My proposals include:

Town Halls:

I will hold at least four (4) “Town Halls” a year across our city for all residents who wish to attend. These town halls will be an opportunity for residents to voice their ideas, concerns, and thoughts about the City. I will personally lead each “Town Hall” and answer any questions residents have. My office staff, as well as City staff, will be on hand to assist answering any questions, and listen to resident feedback. 

These “Town Halls” will be intentionally done in certain sections of the City in order to hear from residents from different neighborhoods, ethic groups, income levels, ability levels, and so on. I will make sure our “Town Halls” are integrated with our social media platforms so those who cannot make it in person can watch and engage. I will have at least one virtual “Town Hall” per year, that will be done exclusively online. 

Website Redesign:

Our City website is outdated. As Mayor, I will have my administration work with CivicPlus (our website vendor) to begin a website redesign. This redesign will reflect both visual and operational upgrades that will ensure our website is modern and easy to use. The goal of the redesign will be to ensure residents and users of the site can carry out basic city services in a 21st century manner. 

Before beginning the website redesign my office will commission a city-wide survey to understand the needs of our residents, business community, and customers who utilize our website. The redesign will reflect the results of the survey. 

Stronger Social Media Presence:

Social media is the way of the future. More and more cities and towns are utilizing social media in a way that helps better connect residents to city services and information. As Mayor, I will ensure that our social media presence is engaging, informative, and up to date. Marlborough has so much to offer and it is time we had a more professional effort to reach out to residents, businesses, visitors, and prospective employees. 


Constituent Services Manager: 

One of my first acts as Mayor will be to create a Constituent Services Manager within my office. I will do this by including it in the job description of the current Executive Administrator position in the Mayor’s Office. This way, we will not have to create a new position and will hire, and professionally train, the employee for this position. Other staff in my office will also be professionally trained to handle constituent services issues. 

My office will utilize a state-of-the-art constituent services database, that will help us track and solve constituent services issues throughout my time as Mayor. I already utilize this database software currently. 

Mobile Mayor’s Office: 

As Mayor, I will begin a “Mobile Mayor’s Office” program. This program will consist of small events where I bring City government to YOU. I will ensure our Mobile Mayor’s Office program reaches the various housing authority buildings, mobile-home communities, neighborhood associations, and much more. Aside from visits to specific residential locations, my Mobile Mayor’s Office program will be held at different small businesses throughout Marlborough. During these events, residents will be able to speak with me one-on-one about their issues and ideas. I will also have staff on hand to assist with any constituent matters, city services requests, or any other need.  

Monthly Email Newsletter & Alerts: 

As Mayor, I will begin a monthly newsletter sent to all residents, business owners, and others that wish to receive it. The newsletter will highlight important updates on city projects, road construction, school information, deadlines/information on city services, employment opportunities, human services resources, and other cultural, recreational, and business news. 

In addition to a newsletter, my office will implement an email and text alert feature that will provide news and updates specific subjects important to you, such as: senior services, recreation, road construction updates, emergency alerts, city events, and much more.

Dog Park 

Marlborough is home to over 2,000 dogs. As someone who believes strongly in community, building the dog park will be a priority of mine as Mayor. This year, I voted to allocate $150,000 in APRA funds to build a dog park. As a small business owner for 13 years, and City Councilor for six years, I am the only candidate with the experience to get this project done. 

On day one, my administration will begin identifying a site for the park. There will be a community survey done to get feedback on preferences on location, amenities, etc. We will also begin seeking and applying for grants to help be fiscally responsible and bring down the cost of the project. I will create a “Friends of the Dog Park” group to help oversee and manage the park, which will consist of dog owners who are Marlborough residents. 

Road Repair/Water & Sewer Infrastructure 

Too many of our roads have laid in disrepair for far too long. Economic development is tied directly into the conditions of our road/water & sewer infrastructure. It is time we start investing in our roads and water & sewer infrastructure on a much larger scale. On day one of my administration, I will commission a study to survey the road conditions of every road in Marlborough as well as all water & sewer infrastructure. I will continue to work with state leaders to advocate for increased chapter 90 funds (road/infrastructure project money) to repair as many roads per year as possible. 


As a City Councilor, I approved bonds intended to be for road repair which have yet to be fixed. As Mayor, I will review all requests sent to the Council in the last 10 years and get the status of these bonds. Once those are reviewed, I will explore ways to use the City’s high bond rating to borrow within our means to repave the roads we are behind on. 


In addition to commissioning a study, I will explore an ordinance prohibiting water and sewer infrastructure projects on roads that have been recently paved. This ordinance will make a clear exception for emergency and public safety situations. Many of the streets fall into disrepair as they are torn up due to water & sewer infrastructure projects that can be scheduled before the road is due for repaving. 

Public Safety

Public safety is a community-wide effort. The public must take an active role in helping our police and fire departments. Building a sense of pride and community assists in doing just that. My administration will also work with the Police Department, Chief, and other stakeholders to find creative solutions to our public safety concerns.

As Mayor, I will invest heavily in public safety by adding more police officers to our department. We have been behind for some time in the number of officers we have relative to our population, size, and growth. Bringing back the walking beat on Main Street, the rail trail, and other high-traffic/commerce areas will be a conversation I will have with the Police Chief. I will prioritize and build up community policing to ensure our officers have deep-rooted connections in all corners of our city. We also need to ensure that the Police and Fire Departments have the the most up-to-date and effective equipment in order to keep themselves and the public safe. 

I recently voted to fund a program calling for "Special Traffic Constables" to fill construction details with retired police officers, as we have trouble filling those positions. This will also allow our current officers to focus on their main public safety duties. I will continue innovative programs like these as Mayor.

While leading the effort for a regional dispatch center will be one of my top projects, our existing dispatch center needs upgrading. Our dispatchers perform crucial work and save countless lives each and every day. As Mayor, I will equip them with the upgraded equipment and resources, allowing them to serve residents and our community better.

Reimagining Main Street

One of the biggest issues our next Mayor will face is bringing Main Street back to life. As a downtown small business owner and City Councilor, I am intimately familiar with the issues constricting Main Street’s renaissance.


While we have one of the most beautiful main streets, it has not progressed to where it should be today, compared to when I was a kid. Marlborough has far too much to offer for us not to have a lively and bustling main street. We must be bold, think outside of the box, and reimagine Main Street. My plan consists of 5 critical elements: 

1. Creating the “Reima
gining Main Street Working Group”


One of my first acts as Mayor will be to establish a Reimagining Main Street Working Group. This group will consist of myself, my staff, members from the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation and Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Urban Affairs Committee, local Main Street business owners, and most importantly, local Main Street property owners.


This working group will be tasked with bringing stakeholders to the table to discuss and study all the ways we can improve Main Street in the short term, and over the next decade.


2. Working with Property Owners / Attracting Anchor Stores & Developers


Good relationships and partnerships with Main Street’s current property owners, and potential developers, are at the heart of bringing back Main Street. Any vision intending to revitalize Main Street must be done with the cooperation and collaboration of current property owners. I will personally reach out to every property owner on Main Street and keep an open and productive dialogue. They will all be asked to become part of the working group and help shape the short and long-term vision for Main Street.


Equally as important, this vision must include attracting “anchor stores” (mainly food, beverage, and recreational establishments) to Main Street. I will personally work with property owners and potential developers to prioritize bringing in anchor stores to Main Street. Appropriate zoning and collaboration with property owners are the two main avenues to get this done.


3. Making Main Street One-Way & Pedestrian Safe/Friendly


The idea of making Main Street a one-way has merit. While it will be a big change for many people, I believe the impacts, both negative and positive, deserve to be studied. The goal of making Main Street a one-way would be to increase much needed parking, decrease traffic flow, and make downtown more pedestrian safe/friendly. I will have the working group study the impacts of this decision to see if it is an option worth exploring.


Regardless of the implementation of a one-way, Main Street can be made more pedestrian safe and friendly. I will have the working group explore ways to prioritize foot traffic on Main Street over vehicle traffic. This may include speeding measures, high visibility crosswalks, an increased public safety presence, and more.


I will also have the working group explore an “open streets” concept that can be done a few weekends throughout the year, where we temporarily close Main Street to automobile traffic. These weekends will encompass both existing businesses and pop-up shops placed throughout Main Street, similar to the annual Food Truck Festival and Car Show.


4. Redeveloping the Walker Building


The Walker Building is at heart of redeveloping Main Street both literally and figuratively. In a 2017 report developed by Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, Mixed Use Development (including both residential and commercial uses) was said to be the most effective use of the building. This use will help expand commercial space on Main Street, increase the number of customers who are living downtown, and grow the tax base for the city.


Any vision intending to revitalize Main Street must be in concert with the redevelopment of the Walker Building. I will ensure the working group includes the Walker Building in their recommendations. My plan for redevelopment of the Walker Building itself is an independent issue found below.



​5. Reviewing & Updating Zoning Ordinances


The working group and my administration will perform a comprehensive review of the zoning ordinances which apply to the Marlborough Village District (the zoning district that encompasses Main Street and adjacent properties). Zoning is a powerful tool when it comes to redevelopment.


It is time we explore potential uses that may not be allowed under the current zoning. The goal of this review will be to ensure our zoning is clear, reflects our vision for Main Street, and is appealing to potential developers we are seeking to attract. It is important however, that throughout the process we preserve the historic integrity of Main Street.

West Side Fire Station / Exploring Regional Dispatch

As the Ward 3 City Councilor, and member of the Fire Station Committee, I have been a leader on the proposed west side fire station since day one. The lack of action on this issue from the current administration is disappointing. It has been difficult to get information and updates from the current administration on the process or status surrounding this issue. Meanwhile, the response time to certain parts of the city continues to fall short of state operational standards, which could be remedied with a new fire station in a strategic location. 


On day one as Mayor, one of my first priorities will be to continue working with the Fire Chief and the Fire Station Committee to find a suitable location for the new station.Each day that passes without searching for a location, we lose the potential of being a leader on a regional dispatch center. Marlborough’s  current dispatch station is severely outdated and needs a desperate upgrade.  I will also direct my administration to provide regular updates to keep the City Council and public informed. Marlborough must be a regional and state leader on these matters, not fall behind and succumb to complacency. 

I am also committed to keeping the Pleasant Street station operational. My vision for the station would be to utilize it as a rapid-response station that maintains a class of vehicle such as ambulances, pick-up trucks, or administrative personnel. This would help improve response times and provide a proportional response to smaller medical and other emergencies.

Keeping our Tax Rate low / Economic Development

Marlborough has one of, if not the, lowest tax rates in the region. We tax around $60 million less than we could at the local level. As a City Councilor for three (3) terms, I have consistently voted to keep taxes low for residents every year I have been in office. I believe firmly in both keeping our tax rate low and competitive as well as fiscally responsible budgeting.

Our next Mayor will be responsible for a $190 million dollar budget. I not only have an intimate knowledge of the budget and municipal government as a City Councilor, but know what it means to manage one as a small business owner. 

I coupled the Taxes section with Economic Development because they go hand-in-hand. The best way to keep our taxes low is to encourage new growth - aka Economic Development. Moderna is a great example of this. Their move to Marlborough has an estimated investment of $400 million dollars. The city gains the tax revenue off of this new growth, which wouldn't otherwise exist without their investment. Attracting companies that fit within Marlborough's vision will help grow the tax base and keep your tax rate low. I've done this as a City Councilor, and I will continue to do it as Mayor. 


I am a product of the Marlborough Public Schools. I attended Hildreth Elementary School, Whitcomb Middle School, and was the first 8th grade class placed within Marlborough High School, where I graduated. Public education helped shape me into the man and professional I am today. By charter, as Mayor, I will sit on the School Committee as Chairman. As Mayor and Chairman, I will keep a close and ongoing relationship with Superintendent Mary Murphy.  

Marlborough families deserve the best education we are able to provide them. As Mayor and Chairman, I will: 


- Review, alongside the Superintendent, the pay scale for para-professionals and other support positions where we are experiencing staff shortages or lack of qualified candidates. 

- Work closely with Superintendent Murphy on how to effectively set up the executive structure of MPS to best serve Marlborough families. Marlborough is currently very top-heavy, and we need to reinvest our focus in supporting teachers and students directly. 

- Ensure teachers have appropriate tools, supplies, and resources to provide our children with a 21st-century education. Reviewing where supply budgets go and how effectively they are used will be a priority. These supplies must trickle down to students as directly as possible.

- Review both the current disciplinary standards and homework requirements. We must ensure we are creating a culture of accountability within our schools, both behaviorally and academically.  


- Create a Mayor’s Civic Education program present in all schools to teach and engage students of all ages about government and civics.

I also recognize that a large portion of our student population is served by schools outside of the MPS system, such as Assabet Valley or AMSA. While the Mayor has no direct influence on these institutions as they do MPS, my commitment to both of these schools will mirror that of MPS. I respect the choice of parents to make the best educational choice for their children.

I will meet regularly with the administration of both Assabet and AMSA, and do everything I can to support  and advocate for them. From an infrastructure standpoint, these schools are located within the city, and I will continue to assist with traffic mitigation, infrastructure improvements, and anything else within city control. My office will always be open to parents of these schools to voice their concerns and provide updates. 

Walker Building - a new vision

Marlborough should be proud of its rich history and buildings. Built in 1895 as Marlborough High School, the Walker Building is one of our most beautiful historic buildings in the City. Structurally sound, the Walker Building is home to the Human Services Department, acts as the temporary space for the Marlborough Public Library, and holds all of Marlborough’s retained City records. For too long, the Walker Building has been grossly underutilized. 


As Mayor, I plan on having my administration identify funding sources to upgrade the Walker Building and assess potential uses. We have City departments paying rent for private space who could utilize the building. I will work closely with MEDC to explore potential commercial and non-profit uses for a portion of the space.  The Walker Building also needs to be a space where residents and visitors can enjoy and cherish. I will have my administration examine ways to implement a space for recreation for those of all ages. I have a bold vision for this historic space to become a central point for civic life and community engagement. 


Speeding and neighborhood “cut throughs” issues affect the entire city. Solving these issues comes down to two points: speed calming methods and enforcement. 

As Mayor, I will have my administration review all commonly reported and known speeding zones, and work with the traffic commission on implementing calming measures and have the police department ramp up enforcement. Secondly, our Police Department needs more officers to perform enforcement. Part of my public safety plan is to expand the police force and strengthen the traffic enforcement division.

Senior Citizens / Senior Housing

Marlborough is blessed to have senior citizens who have called it home for decades, if not their entire lives. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the wisdom and experience passed down to me from countless Marlborough seniors. As a City Councilor, I supported the construction of the Marlborough Senior Center and senior work off tax credit. As your Mayor, I would continue to expand programming and resources at the Senior Center and find ways to expand the senior tax work off program. 


Senior housing is a key element in my plan for housing and development. As Mayor, I will have my administration identify potential parcels that can be developed into senior housing, such as IC school and others, as they become available. New construction has been found to be too costly and inefficient. As Mayor, I will sit on the Marlborough Community Development Agency board of directors, which oversees senior housing. I will use that position to ensure senior citizens who live in existing housing feel safe, heard, and represented.

Supporting Small Business

I have been a small business owner for 13 years. Over the last decade I have balanced budgets, made payroll, and created an environment to recruit and retain qualified staff. I know firsthand the struggles small businesses face from starting up to every day operations. I am a long-time member of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce and partner with Marlborough Economic Development Corporation. 


As Mayor, I will bring my experience as a small business owner to support small to medium businesses starting up, expanding, or struggling. My administration will work with MEDC and the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce to craft programs assisting those seeking to start a small business here in Marlborough. Similarly, I will work with these organizations to foster relationships with existing small businesses to assist them as they grow.

Supporting our Veterans

Marlborough has been the proud home to thousands of veterans throughout its history. I recognize the sacrifices our veterans have made to protect our freedoms. Those who put their life on the line to serve our country not only deserve our respect and gratitude, but our commitment to supporting them when they are home. 


As Mayor, I will honor the service of local veterans by ensuring access to the services and resources they need most. My administration will always have a full-time Veteran Service Officer working for the Marlborough veterans. I will have my office work with the VSO personally to improve outreach efforts to the City’s veterans. As Mayor, I will work closely with the VA, Massachusetts Department of Veteran’s Services, and local veteran’s organizations to ensure my administration has the contacts needed to help veterans as quickly as possible. 

Diversity & Community 

The Marlborough of today looks much different than the Marlborough of 10 or 20 years ago.  Marlborough has become a community where people from many different walks of life feel welcome to live, work, and play. Ensuring all people feel welcome and proud to raise their family, open up their business, or recreate in Marlborough will always be a priority of mine. 

I have fond memories growing up of the cultural and ethnic celebrations leading up to the Labor Day Parade. Those events became fewer and fewer as time went on. As Mayor, I will explore the viability of an events coordinator position or events coordinator contractor who will assist the City and civic organizations in renewing celebrations like those we cherished. I will explore bringing back a "Marlborough Festival/Day" during Labor Day Weekend.

In order to bring our community together, and highlight many of Marlborough’s wonderful food establishments, I would work with our events coordinator, MEDC, and MRCC to bring back the Taste of Marlborough in 2024. 

Conservation & Green Space

As we continue to grow, I am committed to expanding our green space within the city and incorporating it into upcoming developments. Green space is one of the top indicators of a healthy and thriving community. My administration will support the continued preservation of our conservation lands and expansion of community green space. 

During the McGee Project, the city had "first right of refusal" where we are given the opportunity to buy all or a portion of the land before anyone else. A portion of this parcel could have been used for community green space. As Mayor, I will make sure we prioritize community green space and don't overdevelop. 

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