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Mayor-Elect Christian Dumais Announces Transition Website and Community Survey

Contact: Ryan Egan,

MARLBOROUGH – On Wednesday, November 29, Mayor-Elect J. Christian Dumais announced the launch of his official transition website which will provide updates related to his transition into office. Included within the website will be information about the inauguration, his transition staff and team, forms for scheduling and press requests, and a community survey for the public.


Most notably, the website features another one of the Mayor-Elect’s transition announcements, his “Community Survey”. The purpose of this survey is to solicit feedback from residents and business owners in Marlborough about the issues facing the city. There are a few pointed questions, as well as an open-ended field where participants can share their thoughts on any issues they wish. The survey is a one-way communication that strives to inform the Mayor-Elect, and his incoming administration, on issues facing the city. Therefore, responses will not be provided to those who submit surveys.


“I am extremely excited to announce both the transition website and community survey,” said Mayor-Elect Dumais. “Too often, residents and business owners not only feel left in the dark but have no outlet to share their concerns and ideas. Our website and community survey aims to solve both of those issues,” he continued.


Constituent services issues (specific potholes, individual cases, etc.) have their own section of the website. These types of issues should not be included within the survey. There is also a section on the website to request the Mayor-Elect at an event, or for press to send inquires.


The Community Survey is only available online. Residents can visit the transition website and fill out the survey at:


Mayor-Elect J. Christian Dumais will be sworn into office on January 1st at 10:00AM which will take place at Whitcomb Middle School, 25 Union Street. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.



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