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5th Generation Marlborough Resident. Graduate of Marlborough Public Schools. 
Small Business Owner. City Councilor. Your next Mayor. 

5th Generation Resident 

Marlborough is Christian’s home. He is a proud, 5th generation resident of Marlborough who grew up with loving and supportive parents, and his brother, downtown. When he was young, he was a paper boy for the Marlborough Enterprise, worked at Trombetta’s scooping ice cream, and sled down Union Common with his friends in the winter.

Christian is a proven product of the Marlborough Public School system. He attended Hildreth Elementary School, Whitcomb Middle School, and was the first 8th grade class to be put in to Marlborough High School, where he graduated. After high school, Christian attended Lasell University, where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. 



After almost two decades in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors, Christian made the bold decision to open a small business here in Marlborough, with his family. In 2010, he opened DruMais Salon and Day Spa on Springhill Ave. Christian chose a historic building to be the home for his new small business. Dating back to the 1860’s, the building was once one of Marlborough’s many shoe factories. Christian not only refurbished a historic building, but made a significant effort to include original features of Marlborough history, such as repurposed lights from St. Mary’s Church. 

As a small business owner over the last 13 years, Christian has created substantial, long-term jobs benefitting the local economy. He has been a proud partner with Marlborough Economic Development Corporation, appearing on their “Exploring Economic Development” podcast to share the highlights and challenges facing small businesses. Christian is a long-time member of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, where he won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014.


City Councilor

Recognizing the City needed new blood and change in its local government, Christian decided to step up and run for Ward 3 City Council in 2015. In 2017, he ran again successfully and was re-elected to City Council two additional times.


In his tenure on the City Council, he was an advocate for responsible budgeting, transparency, and new projects, such as the new library. He was also been a leader in the effort to build a west side fire station, both as a member of the City Council and West Side Fire Station Committee. 


Your Next Mayor

With the same dedicated spirit which made him take the risk of opening up a small business and run for City Council, Christian made the decision to run for Mayor in 2023. Christian was elected Marlborough's 44th Mayor on November 7, 2023. 


Christian is passionate about the community he grew up in, and calls home.The strength Marlborough has always boasted was a result of its commitment to community. As Mayor, Christian’s commitment to community will help guide the decisions he makes every day. 


Christian made history when elected to become Marlborough’s first LGBTQ Mayor. 

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